HabboRPX - To assist the new members of HabboRP!

Welcome to the Site

The HabboRP eXpert Team

    The Habbo eXpert team is a group of members that have great experience with-in HabboRP. This group of members were chosen by the very own staff of HabboRP. We can answer any of your in-game questions. If you have technical problems don't hesitate to ask us. As we may know the problem or we can easily contact a     Staff member for assistance. So please do ask.
    How to find a eXpert member?
The eXpert members usually walk around the streets of HabboRP. You can know a member by the badge they are wearing. See the badge below.
HabboRP eXperts wear this badge

Welcome to the HabboRPX Website

    This website was created by Deepam-Monte, But the now current owner of this site is Colin-Solo, as many of you know most of the old eXperts are now Mods, and we now have a new eXpert team.. just click the tab "The eXpert team" to see who the new eXperts are. We are all here to help the new users and the current users that are having in-game trouble or the users that need help with certain things. Enjoy the Roleplay experience!